Saturday, March 17, 2007

How to make Final Cut work on pre-AGP older Macs

I could not get my Final Cut Express v2 working on my iMac G5 until I found this info, and now it's working like a charm. ;-)

(from the June 26th, 2003 news page)
A reader sent a note on a link with info/workaround for installing Final Cut Pro 4 on an older Mac:
" Mike, Found the hack for FCP 4 on a non-AGP Mac. I'm attaching text file but I'm also sending you the 2-pop link where I got the info from. Please don't attribute this to me. #1) I didn't figure it out. #2) I think Apple doesn't like me sometimes. We're definitely getting a Dual G5, though. This is the Mac we've all been waiting. In the meantime though, this hack works perfectly. ENJOY! Here's the 2-pop link." (Note - that link gets a 404/not found today so here is a copy of the attached info he sent on the patch) "I didn't see this posted anywhere. I have a Blue and White G3 that I upgraded to a G4 500. I didn't realize that FCP4 didn't work with PCI macs until I launched it and was given the message: no AGP card on your machine.
I was able to get around this and have been editing happily since.

• Control-Click on the Final Cut Pro application and select show package contents.
• Open the contents folder and open info.plist.
• Search for AGP replace it with PCI.
• Save and close the file.
• Open FCP4, and voila it works.

I have 684 mb of ram. My playback is smooth, rendering is pretty fast. I have yet to encounter a scenario where it doesn't work

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