Friday, March 30, 2007

How to copy data between 2 different Oracle or MSSQL database

Well what if you did not do a backup of your data and you deleted the wrong stuff. Import your backup database on the same server. Login with a user that have access to both DB, system should work.
Oracle to Oracle:
insert into productiondb.bill_detail select * from backupdb.bill_detail
where not exists
(select *
from productiondb.bill_detail
where bill_id = backupdb.bill_detail.bill_id)
This query will copy everything that is missing back into the production DB.

Here's how I populated nd_loc and it took only 10 or so seconds to copy ~150,000 rows! First connect to the production db and then create the link to the backup server. By running the command "sp_addlinkedserver sqldev" (where sqldev is the other server name where the backup db is. You don't have to do this if both db are on the same server)

insert into nd_loc select * from sqldev.backupdb.dbo.nd_loc

Now why can't their damned odbc driver be that fast? (Thanks Scott for the tips)

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Eric Thibeault said...

Hey, anybody know how to do a copy from oracle to oracle when the 2 DB are on 2 different oracle server?